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Daeu Angert

While Waiting For The World To Catch Up – A Narrative Arc of an Artist

Oct 18, 2023 – Nov 10, 2023
72 Warren St, New York, NY 10007

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Embark on an insightful journey of artistry, self-discovery, and the unfolding of creativity in the thoughtfully curated collection, “While Waiting For The World To Catch Up.” Spanning eleven unique oil paintings, this collection seamlessly traces a journey from the initial flicker of imagination to the full-blown expression of artistic fervor.

We begin our story with “The Breath,” which stands as an emblem of those ephemeral yet potent moments of raw inspiration. However, as we progress, we realize that not every spark leads to fire. This realization is compellingly mirrored in the haunting contours of “Unspoken,” which hints at ideas that remain just out of reach, and potential that lies in wait.

Transitioning into the contemplative hours depicted in “3 AM,” the canvas comes alive with vibrant colors. These are then juxtaposed by deliberate, harsh strokes, revealing the artist’s inner turmoil and the delicate interplay between self-assurance and self-doubt. Subsequently, our narrative gently shifts to “Following The Echoes,” where the artist’s journey is often overshadowed by the overpowering din of external judgments and societal pressures.

However, hope is never lost. Emerging from these challenges is “The Art-full Escape,” celebrating those cherished instances when an artist, in tandem with their creation, transcends above all else. This sense of freedom is further echoed in “Formless,” a tranquil depiction of an artist in their most fluid and uninhibited flow state.

As we delve further, “On The Limit” offers a profound look into the depths of self-awareness. The journey reaches its zenith with “Building On An Idea” and “Elated,” both of which encapsulate the sheer joy of uninhibited creative high.

The evocative title, “While Waiting For The World To Catch Up,” reflects the often-overlooked transformation inherent in every artist. This evolution, though silent, resonates deeply within. It speaks to the enduring, hopeful desire that, one day, the world will truly recognize an artist’s most genuine and intimate visions for what they are. Each piece serves as a chapter in this story, a silent narrative, waiting for that perfect moment when the world’s gaze finally syncs with the artist’s unveiled spirit.

72 Warren St, New York, NY 10007

October 18 – November 10, 2023

Opening Reception
October 18, 2023 6pm-8pm

Gallery Hours
Daily 10am-7pm
Extended Hours on Thursdays 10am-8pm

Daeu Angert

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