Daeu Angert. Elated. 2023. While Waiting For The World To Cath Up Collection. Oil on canvas.  60 x 48 inches (152.4m x 121.92cm)

Elated is a compelling work of art, where the ecstasy of creative high is vividly encapsulated. With a structure echoing the intricate texture and neural net semblance of “Building On An Idea,” this painting embarks upon a more intimate revelation. Amidst the precisely woven threads of texture and color, a female form emerges – graceful, yet partially defined, capturing the fleeting yet intense moments of creative revelation.

In this piece, the partially revealed female form, with hips, stomach, and breasts unveiled, symbolizes the vulnerability and exposure intrinsic to moments of pure creation. Yet, her face, hair, shoulders, and arms remain enmeshed within the textured landscape, a poetic testament to the inexhaustible depths and uncharted territories of artistic ecstasy.

The creative high is tangible, the elation, palpable. Every stroke, every hue is saturated with the pulsating energy of inspiration unbound. The emergence of the female form from the textured expanse is not just a visual spectacle but a symbolic journey from the enigmatic depths of creative introspection to the luminous heights of artistic revelation.

Elated invites viewers into this intimate space of discovery and exposure. It is a visual narrative that speaks to the transient yet profound moments when inspiration strikes, boundaries dissolve, and the artist, in vulnerable revelation, is both the seer and the seen, caught in the rapturous dance of creation.

Original oil painting (shipping to continental US included)
Ltd. Ed. Signed Print, 30 x 24 in (Series of 50 + 4 APs, shipping to continental US included)