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Daeu Angert

Diary – Experiences As Art

Jul 1, 2023 – Sep 30, 2023
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I tell people I don’t paint because I want to. I paint because I need to. It’s often something that happens, an event or an experience or an idea that I need to process. I do that through art. Sometimes, more often than not, going through a creative process is not fun for me until I get to the other side. And there’s a painting at the end. The inspiration for art in the diary collection comes from everyday life...Anything from dreams, conversations, insights to events and collaborations.

Daeu Angert, on Experiences As Art

The daeuArt Diary Exhibition is an entrancing display of original oil paintings, each masterfully created by Daeu Angert, a multitalented visual artist. With a passionate commitment to transposing her lived experiences onto canvas, Angert’s artistic process extends beyond mere desire—it is an intrinsic necessity, a fundamental part of who she is.

In Angert’s world, her canvas and paint serve as a conduit, a way to process and understand the world around her. Whether it’s an event that’s occurred, a conversation that’s resonated, or an idea that’s inspired, she processes these through her art, often turning introspection and contemplation into vibrant and expressive creations. The creative journey for Daeu is not always an easy one. The process can be arduous, filled with uncertainty and introspection, and is often less about the joy of creation and more about the need to understand and articulate her experiences.

Yet, when she arrives on the other side of this process, the reward is substantial. Each finished painting stands as a beacon of her resilience, a testament to the emotional and creative journey she has undertaken. These pieces of art, born from her perseverance, serve as a rewarding echo of her experiences and emotions.

Her diary collection, in particular, is an inspired assortment of her day-to-day life experiences. The exhibition draws upon a wide and varied range of sources, from the ethereal realm of dreams and the intimate whispers of conversations, to the profound insights gleaned from events and collaborations. Each canvas is a page from her diary, a vibrant capture of a moment in her life.

Daeu Angert’s art is a testimony to her capacity to observe and articulate the nuances of her world. Each imprint of her fingers on canvas is a celebration of her unique perspective, demonstrating her ability to find art in all facets of life and express it with a unique artistic voice. Her work is an enduring testament to her creativity, resilience, and her unending passion for expressing life through art.

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Daeu Angert

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