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Inside daeuArt

in Daeu’s own words…

Daeu is an American visual artist exploring the intersection of art, technology, and thought leadership through conceptual abstract art. She’s self-thought and has been painting most of her life using her own fingerpainting technique.

Daeu's story
Oil paints

Chapter 1

I paint ideas™.

What I love to do is discover new things, learn about them, figure out what it all means, the implications... And then through my own interpretations, through my own understanding, through my own lens, put it onto the canvas.

Chapter 2

The signature.

One of the questions that I get a lot is why do you sign your paintings Daeu? What does that mean? Where does it come from? Funny story actually...

Chapter 3


Gratitude is a very big part of my painting process. Gratitude for inspiration, creativity, and painting itself. And the flow state...

Chapter 4

The palette.

My favorite color, Cobalt blue, the color of the Pacific Ocean three miles off the North Shore in Oahu seen underwater in the company of Galapagos few other colors...

Chapter 5

The Beginning.

My first abstract, Pink Floyd, lots of red...and a reminder to keep making my art...

to be continued...

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