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Daeu X Art is a collection of essays written by Daeu sharing the inspirations and meaning behind her art.

Sax at The Met - daeuArt Notes

daeuArt Notes

By daeu x art
”Once I saw the sound and realized that the intention of the sound recording is captured in the image, I became curious whether or not other sounds would be the...
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The Culture, an oil painting by Daeu Angert | daeuArt Gallery

The Culture

By daeu x art
”The Culture is the result of taking The Animals, my primal view of society, and moving it through time to a more evolved, refined, empathetic view of the human condition....
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The Formless Substance, an original oil painting by Daeu Angert in the gallery

The Formless Substance

By daeu x art
”Because I was expecting it to be formless and random, I was surprised to see different images of people, objects, animals, scenes, characters, even Batman and Joker. And it freaked...
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