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Daeu Angert

I Paint Ideas – A Life’s Work As A Work Of Art

Jan 1, 2023 – Jun 30, 2023
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The I Paint Ideas – A Life’s Work As A Work Of Art by Daeu is an artistic representation of global intellectual discourse, shaped by her unique conversations with thought leaders from around the world. These leaders, spanning various fields of expertise, generously share their work and insights, providing a rich tapestry of perspectives from which Daeu draws inspiration.

In these deep, nuanced dialogues, Daeu discerns nuggets of inspiration. Sometimes, it’s a particular word or phrase that strikes her, or it might be a broader feeling or impression gleaned from their conversation. These elements serve as seeds, which germinate and grow within her creative consciousness.

Daeu’s artistic process necessitates a profound emotional connection to these inspirations. She doesn’t merely replicate these ideas; she absorbs them, internalizes them, and lets them resonate within her. It is this deep, emotional understanding that allows her to transfer these complex thoughts and feelings onto the canvas effectively. Only when she truly feels the essence of these shared ideas can she begin to paint them, turning abstract thought into tangible art.

Her I Paint Ideas Collection, therefore, is more than a series of paintings; it’s a visual transcription of intellectual exchanges, a unique fusion of her own artistic vision and the ideas of global thought leaders. Each piece is a reflection of a conversation, a deep dive into the essence of an idea, and an emotional journey that results in a captivating piece of art.

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