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Daeu Angert

daeuArt Notes – Sound As Art

Jan 1, 2023 – Jun 30, 2023
Online Viewing Rooms


Once I saw the sound and realized that the intention of the sound recording is captured in the image, I became curious whether or not other sounds would be the same - have intention, emotion, energy, embedded into the image as well.

Daeu Angert, on her daeuArt Notes

daeuArt Gallery is excited to present an exhibition of digital works by Daeu Angert, transforming sound into visual art. This digital collection is on display at gallery’s online viewing rooms.

The daeuArt Notes collection is an innovative digital art venture, where artist Daeu Angert successfully transmutes auditory experiences into visual art. The title “Notes” is no accident, cleverly alluding to the idea of musical notes, mirroring the transformative journey from sound to sight.

At the heart of this project, Angert takes sound waves, or their respective heat maps, and transfigures them into abstract visual art. The process is one of respectful adaptation; the original sound frequencies are preserved, with Angert creatively outlining and interpreting what is already there. The raw material is not confined to music but extends to spoken words, nature’s symphony, mechanical sounds, and any auditory tidbits that pique her interest. The eventual artwork, often a result of numerous adaptations of the original sound, continues to evolve until it resonates with her artistic intuition.

This project echoes the intriguing concept of synesthesia, a perceptual phenomenon where the stimulation of one sense triggers the perception of another, such as seeing shapes when hearing a sound, or tasting words when reading. Though not the primary inspiration for her work, synesthesia has fascinated Angert and left a subtle, yet indelible, imprint on her creations.

daeuArt Notes, thus, is more than a digital art collection; it is a testament to the captivating overlap of senses and an invitation to experience the intriguing transformation of sound into visual spectacle.

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Daeu Angert

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