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Daeu Angert

Technology As Art

Jul 1, 2023 – Sep 30, 2023
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Topics like digital transformation, the transformation of digital, thinking digital first, dealing with accelerating change, quantum computing, machine learning, VR, AR, XR, IoT, AI, crypto, fintech, fashion-tech, biotech, nanotech, all the techs, wearables, need for rapid ideation...and the list goes on, became the source of inspiration.

Daeu Angert, on finding inspiration in emerging technology

Daeu, a talented female visual artist, presents her Technology as Art Exhibition as an exploration of the very core of what constitutes art. Using her own method of applying paint to canvas – her fingertips instead of traditional brushes – Daeu probes whether art is the emotional responses it elicits, the ideas it cultivates, or the universal human experiences it encapsulates.

Daeu also touches on the realm of generative art, but her primary artistic interest expands beyond this conversation. Instead, her fascination lies with the sphere of emerging technologies and their impact on society, which serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her art.

Her Emerging Tech Collection embodies this fascination. Here, Daeu illustrates the essence of digital transformation, quantum computing, virtual and augmented reality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, fintech, biotech, nanotech, wearables, and the drive for rapid ideation.

Her deep engagement with these groundbreaking subjects manifests in her art, making Daeu’s exhibition an exciting intersection of art and technology as interpreted by her unique artistic vision.

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Daeu Angert

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