Daeu Angert. 3 AM. 2023. While Waiting For The World To Cath Up Collection. Oil on canvas.  30 x 48 inches (76.2cm x 121.92cm)

In ‘3 AM,’ the artist’s inner battle with self-doubt is on display. They start a piece with excitement, but the next morning, they are their own worst critic. This divide between original intention and overall opinion of one’s finished work is caused by the growth and completion of a journey that the artist experienced through the creation of their art. By creating their art, they have transformed into someone new. Overnight they have grown into a new artist; harsher, more judgemental, less confident, with higher expectations. Ultimately, this unfair self-comparison often stops them from sharing their creations with the world.

Original oil painting (framed, shipping to continental US included)
Ltd. Ed. Signed Print, 20 x 32 in (Series of 50 + 4 APs, shipping to continental US included)