Daeu Angert. The Breath. 2023. While Waiting For The World To Cath Up Collection. Oil on canvas. 48 x 36 inches (121.92cm x 91.44cm)

The confines of a single breath – eloquently portrayed through both inhale and exhale on canvas. Thus showing a convergence of thoughts and emotions, calmly gathering in the silence, poised for their moment of transformation. Notice the silence, a mysterious pause full of potential. It’s here that the forces of inspiration and creation quietly conspire, waiting to burst forth into vibrant expression. Consider the enigma of the silent interlude, where the birth of artistic brilliance takes shape.

Original oil painting (framed, shipping to continental US included)
Ltd. Ed. Signed Print, 32 x 20 in (Series of 50 + 4 APs, shipping to continental US included)