Daeu Angert. The Art-Full Escape. 2023. While Waiting For The World To Cath Up Collection. Oil on canvas.  36 x 36 inches (91.44cm x 91.44cm)

The Art-full Escape is a captivating piece where rich, textured strokes of oil paint come to life, illustrating an artist’s journey to emancipation. Every detail is infused with symbolism; the bars of a metaphorical jail cell, meticulously depicted, are bent and distorted, indicating an escape from the stifling confines of creative conformity.

Yet, it’s not just the imagery but the tactile experience of the painting that resonates profoundly. With texture so intense that it rises in peaks, every stroke embodies a step toward freedom. As the artist fights against the constraints, each peak represents a pivotal moment of defiance and revelation.

Transitioning from the darkness of captivity, an eruption of color signifies liberation. Here, the artist’s true essence is unleashed, a testament to the indomitable spirit of creativity unhindered. In the midst of this vibrant chaos, a silent harmony emerges, weaving a narrative of triumph over artistic oppression.

Original oil painting (framed, shipping to continental US included)
Ltd. Ed. Signed Print, 24 x 24 in (Series of 50 + 4 APs, shipping to continental US included)