Daeu Angert. Ripples. Diary Collection. 2020. Oil on canvas. 36in x36in. (91.44cm x 91.44cm)
This painting is a follow-up on Indra’s Net and inspired by Daeu’s collaboration with her dear friend, Lable Braun, adapting his book, The Search, for the screen.
“I had a very different idea on how to paint a ripple, an action that any one of us may take at any given time that has real-life consequences. But then I started thinking about ripples colliding, and what if there is a ripple on top of a ripple, and what if they cancel each other, or merge, or interrupt…[Sometimes I think too much]. It ended up one big interference pattern we live in.” ~Daeu
Original Oil Painting (framed, shipping to continental US included)
Ltd. Ed. Signed Print, 16 x 16 in (Series of 50 + 4AP, shipping to continental US included)