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to get the most out of The Multipotentialite Guide follow the steps below:

Download & Print the Guide

You'll need to confirm your subscription before your guide is sent to you. Once you receive it, make sure to download and print it before we begin. This will only take a couple of minutes. If you don't get an email in a few minutes, check your spam folder. (tip: add email to your contact list so you don't miss any future updates) -- or if you have zero patience like me, click the image above.

Listen to instructions

I am not leaving you to do this on your own. I explain how to use this guide on my I Paint Ideas podcast. Listen to the episode called The Multipotentialite - Part 2 and I will lead you through completing the exercises in this guide. It's available free wherever you get your podcasts.


Everything is better with friends. Feel free to share this guide with friends, family, colleagues who need it.

Awesome!! Once you complete the exercises in this guide and find a way to unite all your talents, interests, and passions, I would love to hear from you.

Share your multi-passionate story on your favorite social media platform, tag @daeuart, and use #mymultistory and I will look for it. Not comfortable sharing publicly? No prob – DM me on Instagram @daeuart. I still would love to hear from you.



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