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The Multipotentialite Guide

a simple guide for multi-passionate entrepreneurs to integrate all their skills, talents, and passions without compromise

The Multipotentialite, an original oil painting by Daeu Angert in gallery

As I polymath with expertise in art, technology, business & filmmaking, I’ve been told on many occasions – and in many different ways – to pick one thing to be my thing. I always found that advice unacceptable and detrimental.

Recently, I was inspired to create a painting called The Multipotentialite. This painting explores what it feels like for us to be faced with selecting one thing to focus on, often at the expanse of all others, we are good at.

During the making of The Multipotentialite, I codified my own process to integrate my skills, talents, interests, and passions into one cohesive package I can present to the world and say – this is me. All of me… and feel good about it. It later became this guide.

This guide is here to help you, a multipotentialite, do the same.

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Guide Author

Daeu Angert

Daeu Angert is a visual artist exploring the intersection of art and thought leadership. She is also a founder of daeuArt Gallery, an executive producer at daeuArt streaming channel, and a fierce defender of Renaissance People. Daeu’s mission is to advance creativity in the United States and abroad and to inspire our next generation innovators and problem solvers to nurture their creativity and use it to tackle the most significant issues of tomorrow.

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