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Behind The Art Conversations

Join us live on Thursday, April 13, 2023 7:00pm

Welcome to “Behind The Art Conversations: Becoming An Auteur “, a new livestream show brought to you by daeuArt Gallery. Join us as we follow visual artist, Daeu Angert, on her journey to create her latest art collection.

Becoming An Auteur collection explores the journey of an artist from finding their voice, style, and courage to withstand criticism, to finally arriving as a creative force fully in control of their art.

Each episode of the show will give viewers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Daeu’s creative process as she works on her new collection. But that’s not all – Daeu will also be joined by philosopher, Lable Braun, to discuss the ideas and concepts behind her work.

This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into the mind of a talented artist and hear thought-provoking discussions on the meaning and purpose of art.

Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with Daeu and Lable and watch as they collaborate to create something truly special.

“BTAC: Becoming an Auteur” is more than just a show about art; it’s an exploration of the human experience through the lens of creativity.

Tune in every 2nd Thursday at 7 pm EST on our YouTube channel or our website to catch the latest episode and join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BecomingAnAuteur.

No sign-up necessary.

Daeu in the studio


Visual Artist

Daeu is a multi-talented American artist, known for painting ideas at the intersection of business, technology, and thought leadership using oil, digital and multi-media to bring her art to life. As a self-though artist and multipotentialite, Daeu has carved her own path as a visual artist using her finger painting technique and incorporating storytelling into her art pieces.

Daeu hosts I Paint Ideas Podcast and is a founder and executive producer of DaeuArt Plus streaming channel coming soon to Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, and Amazon Prime Video.

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