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I always thought of myself as an artist trapped in nerd's mind, desperately trying to reach escape velocity only to get pulled back in, but when it's a burst of art magic.

Daeu AngertTWENTY Art Exhibit Featured Artist

Opens 4/24/2021


an online art show event

daeuArt Gallery presents a solo art show featuring an American visual artist Daeu Angert. Daeu is known for painting ideas and this show explores the intersection of art, technology, and business, ranging from personal diary explorations to paintings inspired by interviews with thought leaders to bringing emerging technologies onto the canvas. Attendance is free.


Online Viewing Rooms

You can admire the artwork in our online virtual rooms. You’ll be able to see the paintings, zoom into the detail, and read what inspired it at your own pace.

Meet In VR?

art in 3D and virtual reality.

We are pleased to bring you this art show in a 3D walkthrough, and as a virtual reality experience if you have VR gear such as Oculus VR. Both experiences will be available one week before the show opens.

Blue virtual reality headset with daeuArt logo
VR Experience Grab your VR gear and stroll through our gallery from the comforts of your own home.
3D Walkthrough No VR gear? No problem. You’ll be able to explore Daeu’s art using 3D walkthrough.
Guided Tour Let our guided audio tour lead the way to make sure you don’t miss anything!


Free Admission.

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